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Available for portable & mobile MOTOTRBO radios.

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Turn your Desktops and any PC into an effective dispatch communications system. COMNET Private Digital Cloud enables users to communicate and collaborate securely with individuals or teams of people on two-way radio networks, smartphones and in their office environments on other PC based applications. Imagine dispatching seamlessly to your team through secure push-to-talk functionality running securely on your favorite desktop or any PC device across any network you choose.

“The Right Device…The Right App…The Right Role"

Enables LMR Communications Access to Everyone, Using Their Preferred Devices

COMNET Digital Cloud devices augment and extend critical communications by enabling computers and other specialty devices to securely communicate with any other communications system. With the Dispatch Communicator, Desktops and other PC users can simply and inexpensively communicate securely with individuals or groups on other PC’s, manage mobile workers on hundreds of channels on two way radio networks and with users in their office environments.

Instantly communicate with your team members using your choice of device. Integrate PC’s, Laptops, Smartphones, Tablets, and Two-Way Radio systems!